WREX 2000

The Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists (TAARS) ventured into planning and hosting a world class crash test and conference. Twenty-two non-profit international accident reconstruction organizations collaborated and staged the World Reconstruction Exposition 2000 (WREX 2000) in College Station, Texas. Approximately 500 reconstruction professionals converged to witness three car-to-car and seventeen motorcycle collisions, skid testing and tractor/trailer drag tests. In addition, conference attendees attended their choice of a variety of specialized topics in the field of accident reconstruction.

Mr. Kelley Adamson was a member of the steering committee for the WREX 2000 Conference. In addition, as chairman of the WREX AIRP committee, was responsible for coordinating and implementing the crash tests held at WREX 2000. Mr. Adamson authored and presented two topic papers, one on Critical Speed and the other on Crash Test Protocol at the conference. Along with other members of the WREX AIRP, he co-authored a paper entitled “Seventeen Motorcycle Crash Test into Vehicles and a Barrier” for the Society of Automotive Engineers. The group of authors also presented the paper at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress in March 2002.