Eric Burson

Accident Reconstructionist/Commercial Vehicle Compliance Specialist

Eric Burson joined A&M Forensics and Engineering, Inc. in 2018 following his retirement from the Louisiana State Police after a 25 year career.  Eric holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Southwestern Louisiana.  Eric is recognized as an expert in the field of traffic accident reconstruction, commercial vehicle reconstruction, commercial vehicle inspections and commercial vehicle regulations.  Eric has attended numerous accident reconstruction courses, first becoming a testifying expert in 2003.

During his tenure with the Louisiana State Police, Eric worked as a patrol Trooper, Detective, patrol Sergeant, Motor Carrier Sergeant, Motor Carrier Executive Officer, Emergency Operations Deputy Commander.  Prior to his retirement, Eric served as Troop I’s Special Operations Lieutenant.  In 2017, Eric was appointed as the chairman of the Louisiana State Police Crash Training Committee.

Eric became an Accident Reconstructionist in 2002.  In 2004, Eric became a Motor Carrier Sergeant, conducting over 5,500 commercial vehicle inspections throughout his career.  Eric maintained his Level 1 inspection certification and attended quarterly Motor Carrier In-Services until his retirement in May of 2018.  Because of Eric’s extensive knowledge of Commercial Vehicle Regulations, Commercial Vehicle Inspections and Commercial Vehicle Reconstruction, he was tendered an expert witness these fields in 2018.  Based on his extensive background commercial vehicles, Eric was selected to teach upcoming Commercial Vehicle Reconstruction classes for Northwestern University.  Just before his retirement, Eric assisted Northwestern University, with TAR 1 and TAR 2, teaching Heavy Vehicle Reconstruction and Motorcycle Reconstruction to a class of Louisiana State Troopers.

Eric’s CV is available upon request. Please contact us for more information.